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Digital Marketing Services

Sell ​​more today by putting your company on the first page of Google and using Direct Mail.

Generate more leads and increase your ROI. We combine the effectiveness of Google’s direct mail and online reach to increase your company’s response rate and branding.

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What You Get

  • Our team’s experience in managing your Digital Marketing campaign.
  • All the benefits of our Direct Mail postcard services.
  • Google expert targeting and management.
  • Sync campaign launches to amplify messages.
  • Reach customers who are thinking of buying your product from the start of the purchase decision process.
  • Precision campaign targeting.
  • Follow-me ads for users who visit your company website.


Reaching your target with the right tools; Targeted marketing is a science, knowing how to use it is our job.

Web Development

New Development, Mobile Optimization, Landing Pages

Tracking Analytics

Weekly Reports, Impression to Booking, Re-Targeting

Content Writing

Ad Creation, Site Content Writing, Blog & Newsletter

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & More


Keyword Analysis, On-Page Optimization, Google Maps Ranking

Email Marketing

Drip Campaign, Email Automation, Tracking

Directory Services

TripAdvisor, Expedia, Travelocity, & More

CRM graphic

Business Automation System

Everything You Need Under One Dashboard

This simple solution can save you time, overhead, and frustration. Learn more about how our affordable custom CRM can give you control, insight, and manageability by funneling all of your workflows onto one dashboard.

Let’s Work Together

Ready to learn more? Call us today for a free game planning session with one of our StrategINK™ Team Members.