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Neighborhood Next Radius Marketing From Direct Mail Works

As you are working on or completing a project, wouldn’t it be nice to start a new one next door or in the immediate area? With the help of Neighborhood Next you can!

Chances are the client you just completed the job for will have a similar demographic profile and age of the home. With our Neighborhood Radius Marketing – you can micro-target specific geographic areas with neighborhood marketing, delivering your marketing message directly to people who are most likely to be persuaded by it.

woman getting mail out of mailbox

Expand Your Marketing in Any Neighborhood

If you’ve just completed a project, it is likely that neighbors will need or want the same service. Capitalize on the fact that neighbors want to keep up with each other and send a Neighborhood Radius Direct Mail Postcard offering the same or related services provided to their neighbors.

When placing your message in front of neighbors with Radius Direct Mail, you capitalize on the “Keep up with the Jones” mentality, word-of-mouth buzz, and build upon your established presence.

Own the Neighborhood!

There is nothing more powerful than a referral lead because it’s an implied endorsement. Why not get more referral-based business by targeting the neighbors of your clients.

Let’s Work Together

Ready to learn more? Call us today for a free game planning session with one of our StrategINK™ Team Members.