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Marketing for Furniture

If you think about it, a furniture retail outlet should rank among the most successful businesses in the marketplace. Almost everyone needs furniture. According to research not many furniture stores succeed and some even stagnate their growth. Many retail furniture stores and outlets, we believe, depend too much on drive-by or walk-by traffic. Some of the more successful retail furniture businesses like Ashley’s, & IKEA advertise across many spectra. One of their most effective advertising tools is Direct Mail, Television, Radio, and eCommerce development. However, some businesses have limited resources. Direct mail combine with digital marketing is affordable to small and medium-sized businesses alike. Don’t miss an opportunity to target the right customers affordably with one of the greatest marketing tools in the retail industry.

While no one formula relates to all furniture businesses equally, some rules do apply, like offering value and outstanding customer service. To offer the best value, you need to know the community and where you set up your store. It’s essential to view the needs, desires, and hopes of such who live in the area. That understanding should guide and educate merchandising, advertising, and pricing.

Also, you need massive advertising, and Direct Mail marketing puts your Furniture Store in front of your customers where they want it most. Postcards are exceptionally efficient at generating a steady flow of new clients.

mail with various offers

What Works to Attract New Clients?

Smaller postcards (4 x 6 or 5.5 x 8.5 inches) are economical and provide lots of space for:

  • Images of furniture
  • Details with regards to the services you are offering
  • Advantages of choosing you over other sellers
  • Your special offer or discount
  • Testimonials
  • Information
  • Emphasize your strengths
  • Mention if you are offering a free service or item

Although discounts can bring in customers, offering something for free can bring in additional ones. You can provide free sales tax or free delivery.

Let’s Work Together

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