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Design & Content From Direct Mail Works

Content and Design are the foundation of your direct mail campaign. Your design needs to be eye-friendly and functional. In other words, it must look good and convey the intended message. We don’t use templates. We custom design every postcard, ensuring your card looks and feels like no other card, allowing it to stand out from the crowd. If the situation demands, we will design different cards with specific messages for various segments of the target audience you are attacking.

woman looking at brochure

Creating Successful Designs for Your Business

Eye-catching, functional designs will dramatically increase your postcard campaign’s response and ROI. That is why before printing, we put every postcard through a detailed 10 point inspection ensuring your card has all the necessary elements required for success.

The fact is every detail matters. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

10 Essential Elements for a Successful Postcard Design

Let’s Work Together

Ready to learn more? Call us today for a free game planning session with one of our StrategINK™ Team Members.