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The Weekly, Monthly or Periodic Mailing Strategy

This product was developed to produce direct mail as affordable and stress-free option for business owners who spend most of these time running their businesses. It functions by taking the total amount of mail pieces, in addition to the total cost of ones campaign, and spreading them out evenly an agreed upon period of time. Pieces are mailed out over an agreed upon time frame, and payments are spread out over that time frame. Pretty simple.

man taking mail out of mailbox
Step 1: Choose a Product

Example: Oversized Postcard (11″ × 6″)

Step 2: Choose a Mailing Area

This determines your quantity. (Example: 5,000 Addresses)

Step 3: Choose a Schedule

Customize mailing strategy. (Example: Weekly, Monthly, etc.)

Benefits of Periodic Mailing

  • Steady, More Manageable Returns – By spreading your mailings out over weeks or months, you can rely on a more regular, predictable return with time, instead of a rush of new business all at once.
  • Affordable Weekly or Monthly Payments – Splitting, your direct mail costs into small, weekly payments, makes it easier to fit into your weekly budget. It is invaluable for businesses that run using a week-to-week basis.
  • Fits Any Budget – We assist you to choose the proper piece, mailing area, quantity, and mailing schedule to get you the most effective results without going over your budget.

Benefits of the Annual Program

  • Our Lowest Pricing – We apply our deepest discounts for customers utilizing the annual program, so you pay the absolute lowest amount possible for your direct mail.
  • Consistent, Effortless Marketing – Busy? No problem. We’ll handle the marketing, and you should have fresh, relevant advertising hitting your target audience each week of the year.
  • Flexibility – You may change these products, update pricing and promotions, or adjust quantities and mailing areas with each mailing.
  • Frequency – Mailing every week all year, you’ll hit the same categories of people 6 times, increasing the likelihood that they’ll purchase and enhancing their lifetime value.
stack of various mail offers

How Do the Payments Work?

Payments are the total cost of your direct mail campaign divided by the number of weeks/months of mailings. The total investment includes the cost of your marketing area analysis, design, mailing list, printing, labeling, postal sorting, and delivery to USPS.

Payments are structured around your individualized direct mail marketing campaigns. The larger the campaign, the lower your cost per piece of mail. our annual weekly mailing pricing and our open rates.


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