Our Direct Mail Products

On The Move: New Mover Marketing

What It Is

Our On The Move New Neighbor Program is a monthly (or whatever frequency works best for your business) direct mail program that targets individuals or families by zip code who have recently moved into your business trade area. We can target by any geographic and demographic parameters desired. We pinpoint individuals and families who have recently moved into your business trade area and send them a special introductory message or offer of your choice.

Why It Works

New Movers have few, if any, established purchasing patterns with businesses in their new area. Studies show that New Movers are five times more likely to become and remain long term customers versus current residents. Besides, New Movers spend more in their first six months than a typical consumer does in 3 years. By targeting this high-value market, it is usual to achieve much higher return rates than traditional direct mail.

How It Works

The appeal of this program is that new residents are always looking for local businesses that supply the products and services they need. Instead of waiting until they find you by word of mouth, we help your business find them first, each month or at intervals that work best for your business. Giving you the opportunity to get in front of new potential consumers to help build a customer pipeline.

We work together to create a custom design and message. You choose the quantity that best meets your business needs, we take care of the rest. Example: you choose the number of households to mail to, whether a special incentive will be offered, and the zip codes to target.

Special Benefits

  • Your business receives a continuous and replenishing flow of new customers.
  • Your business can reach these potential new consumers when they first move into your area and before your competition does.
  • A custom-sized mailer printed on glossy stock utilizing print-on-demand technology.
  • We help you select the message and the target audience, depending on income and other demographic data.
  • Your business can customize each mailer the with your message of choice.

Our On the Move New Neighbor Targeting Program, significantly increases market awareness and sales. It will give your business a head start on securing new customers before the competition. “Second place is always the first loser”. Be First!

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Life Stage Marketing Program

What It Is

Our Life Stage Targeted Marketing Program is a monthly (or as needed) direct mail program that targets people based on their life stage and needs in your business trade area. We can target by almost any geographic and demographic parameters you desire. We can target area residents based on their life stage and send them a special message or offer of your choice.

How It Works

The appeal of this program is that people have particular wants and needs based on their stage of life. People are always looking for local businesses that supply the products and services they want and need. So, instead of waiting until they find you by word of mouth, you have the chance to find them first; and then each month your business has the opportunity to get in front of the new stage of life that the customer is in. That can help build your customer pipeline.

We work together to create a custom design, offer, and quantity that best meets your needs and we’ll handle the rest. For example, you may choose the number of life stage customers to mail, whether you will offer a special incentive and the areas to target.

Special Benefits

  • You will receive a continuous and replenishing supply of new customers based on life stage needs.
  • A custom-sized mailer printed on glossy stock utilizing print-on-demand technology.
  • We help you select the specific consumers to target and what offers to provide based on geographic and demographic data.
  • You can customize each mailer with a life stage appropriate message.

Also, the incentives or offers can vary depending on the individual who is being mailed.  Life Stage marketing programs can and will give your business a huge jump securing new ready to buy customers. 

Neighborhood Next Radius Marketing

As you are working on or completing a project, wouldn’t it be nice to start a new one next door or in the immediate area? With the help of Neighborhood Next you can!

Chances are the client you just completed the job for will have a similar demographic profile and age of home. With our Neighborhood Radius Marketing – you can micro-target specific geographic areas with neighborhood marketing, delivering your marketing message directly to people who are most likely to be persuaded by it.

If you’ve just completed a project, it is likely that neighbors will need or want the same service. Capitalize on the fact that neighbors want to keep up with each other and send a Neighborhood Radius Direct Mail Postcard offering the same or related services provided to their neighbors.

When placing your message in front of neighbors with Radius Direct Mail, you capitalize on the “Keep up with the Jones” mentality, word-of-mouth buzz and build upon your established presence.

There is nothing more powerful than a referral lead because it’s an implied endorsement. Why not get more referral based business by targeting the neighbors of your clients. OWN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!

Did you know that combining Direct Mail with our Digital Marketing can improve your ROI by up to 200%?

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The Weekly, Monthly or Periodic Mailing Strategy

This product was developed to produce direct mail as affordable and stress-free as possible for business owners who spend most of these time running their businesses. It functions by taking the total amount of mail pieces, in addition to the total cost of one’s campaign, and spreading them out evenly over up to 8 weeks. Every week your pieces are mailed out, you create a small weekly payment. Pretty simple.

Step 1. Choose a product

Example: Oversized Postcard
(11″ × 6″)

Step 2. Choose a mailing area

This determines your quantity.
(Example: 5,000 Addresses)

Step 3. Choose a schedule

Customize mailing strategy.
(Example: Weekly, Monthly, etc…)

Benefits of Periodic Mailing

  • Steady, More Manageable Returns – By spreading your mailings out over weeks or months, you can rely on a more regular, predictable return with time, instead of a rush of new business all at once.
  • Affordable Weekly or Monthly Payments – Splitting, your direct mail costs into small, weekly payments, makes it easier to fit into your weekly budget. It is invaluable for businesses that run using a week-to-week basis.
  • Fits Any Budget – We assist you to choose the proper piece, mailing area, quantity, and mailing schedule to get you the most effective results without going over your budget.

Benefits of the Annual Program

  • Our Lowest Pricing – We apply our deepest discounts for customers utilizing the annual program, so you pay the absolute lowest amount possible for your direct mail.
  • Consistent, Effortless Marketing – Busy? No problem. We’ll handle the marketing, and you should have fresh, relevant advertising hitting your target audience each week of the year.
  • Flexibility – You may change these products, update pricing and promotions, or adjust quantities and mailing areas with each mailing.
  • Frequency – Mailing every week all year, you’ll hit the same categories of people 6 times, increasing the likelihood that they’ll purchase and enhancing their lifetime value.

How do the payments work?

Payments are the total cost of your direct mail campaign divided by the number of weeks/months of mailings. Total investment includes the cost of your marketing area analysis, design, mailing list, printing, labeling, postal sorting, and delivery to USPS.

Payments are structured around your individualized direct mail marketing campaigns. The larger the campaign, the lower your cost per piece mail. our annual weekly mailing pricing and our open rates.


Are there any extra fees for artwork, taxes, postage, etc.?

  • No. Our costs are all-inclusive and include custom design work, the mailing list,      printing, mailing services, postage, and taxes. You will find no hidden fees.

Can I extend my annual mailing program ahead of its completion?

  • Yes. The annual program is designed for consistency and results, not to lock you into additional mailings.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

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Own Your Trade Zone Marketing

What It Is

Your trade zone is defined by the industry you are in and the geographic area containing the type clients or customers, that we know you can attract.

How It Works

A product expert will help you to define your trade zone. Next, we craft your customer profile and determine how many customers exist in that trade zone. Then we build a mail piece with the appropriate message and imaging for the customer. Finally, we build a consistent mailing schedule (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Etc…).

Why It Works

The idea is simple, keep your company’s current message in front of your target customers on a consistent basis. Over a period time, the right message to the right consumer builds brand awareness, new customer base, recurring customer revenue and impressive ROI.

Database Marketing

What It Is

Keep your name in front of current and past customers. Database marketing is an ideal way to generate instant sales revenue. Building a stable relationship with your clients is vital to the success of your business. Through our Mail Your Clients program, you can upload your customer list. Then we help you select the best message for the mailer you wish to send. We’ll take care of the rest!

Why It Works

Customer database mailings are perfect for loyalty campaigns, up-sell, or cross-sell opportunities. They are also an ideal solution to keep in touch with your current customer base around special occasions such as holidays or special events.

Custom Built Target Specific Direct Mail

We routinely produce custom brochures, booklets, catalogs and postcard/flat mailers. The mailer can be any size up to 9 x 12.0 inches tall (or folded to 9.0 x 12.00). 

Together we develop a specialized direct mail piece and mailing list. In short, we can mail what you want to who you want, when you want and how you want. We can filter consumer lists by area, Home Value, Household income, Age of Home, Length of Home Ownership, Age and Gender(s) of Adult Consumers in the household, Age of Children or any of the 4,000 available parameters.


Through our variable data print process, we can send unique messages to each address mailed. For example, we can send different messages to living units based on the demographic information of the consumers in the household.

Any mailer can be designed to your specifications and mailed at your direction. This type of mailing is it can be tested in smaller batches to determine its viability. The cost will depend on the quantity and size of the piece produced and mailed.

Our StrategINK

We begin the process of developing your strategy with Investigation and Interrogation (it’s not as bad as it sounds). We review your website in order to understand the business and how it's portrayed to the public.

We collaborate & conquer! We blend our expertise along with our client’s knowledge of their business to identify the target consumer and build the proper message and incentives to motivate the target consumer to make a purchase.


One-on-One meeting with a StrategINK team member.

Research & Planning

In-depth analysis of your business & consumer base.

Develop & Design

Dynamic design & development of custom solutions.


Deploy the solutions, track results, and hone the strategy.