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Our Enhanced Look Alike Report allows you and/or you and your marketing team to take a broad view of your businesses client base, identify in which sectors the business has a strong or weak market presence. The report helps you learn who the businesses best clients are and what demographic characteristics they have in common allowing Hyper-Efficient marketing.

In addition, you can learn how many prospects exist in current or future trade areas and immediately turn the businesses specific client profile data into action by targeting potential clients who look like your “Best Performing Customers” or “Undecided Prospects”.

The Reverse Engineering of a customer database is the best, most accurate method to identify who the businesses customers are and aren’t. The information gained from Reverse Engineering a database can be used to sharpen marketing activities across all platforms.

There are various levels of Reverse Database Engineering. In general, we recommend the Enhanced Look Alike Report. Please review the above information and the sample Basic and Enhanced Look Alike Reports. Determine the report level appropriate for your business.

In these unprecedented times no small business can afford to spend marketing dollars inefficiently. Learn More…Give Us A Call At (608) 577-0506 or Send Us An Email And We’ll Follow Up With You Shortly to answer questions and discuss further.


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Our simple report is only $349.00

Our Enhanced Report is only $549.00


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Direct Mail works has brought my company to new heights. They have taken time to figure out what would be best for my company. At Apple Wellness we are all about educating the public on the natural way and Direct Mail works has helped us in that mission! Thank you to the whole team!!!

We have been using Direct Mail Works Madison for our direct mailing advertising program for three years. Previously we had advertised in their "Advantage" magazine.
We get great results from the targeted postcard program! I love the designs that the team comes up with and the ability to mail to our customer demographic is what sets them apart.

Direct Mail Works has been easy to work with and very helpful with design on our postcard mailings. They are very willing to create a plan that fits our needs in every way and at a fair price!

Our StrategINK

We begin the process of developing your strategy with Investigation and Interrogation (it’s not as bad as it sounds). We review your website in order to understand the business and how it's portrayed to the public.

We collaborate & conquer! We blend our expertise along with our client’s knowledge of their business to identify the target consumer and build the proper message and incentives to motivate the target consumer to make a purchase.


One-on-One meeting with a StrategINK team member.

Research & Planning

In-depth analysis of your business & consumer base.

Develop & Design

Dynamic design & development of custom solutions.


Deploy the solutions, track results, and hone the strategy.