If you think about it, a furniture retail outlet should rank among the most successful businesses in the market place. Almost everyone needs furniture. According to research not many furniture stores succeed and some even stagnate there growth. Many retail furniture store and outlets, we believe, depend too much on drive-by or walk-by traffic. Some of the more successful retail furniture business like Ashley’s, & IKEA advertise across many spectra. One of their most effective advertising tools is Direct Mail, Television, Radio, and eCommerce development. However, some businesses have limited resources. Direct mail combine with digital marketing is affordable to small and medium-size businesses alike. Don’t miss an opportunity to target the right customers affordably with one of the greatest marketing tools in the retail industry

While not one formula relates to all furniture businesses equally, some rules do apply, like offering value and outstanding customer service.

To offer the best value, you need to know the community and where you set up your store. It’s essential to view the needs, desires, and hopes of such who live in the area. That understanding should guide and educate merchandising, advertising, and pricing.

Also, you need massive advertising, and Direct Mail marketing puts your Furniture Store in front of your customers where they want it most. Postcards are exceptionally efficient at generating a steady flow of new clients.

What Works to Attract New Clients?

Smaller postcards – 4 x 6 or 5.5 x 8.5 inches – are economical and provide lots of space for:

– Images of furniture
– Details with regards to the services you are offering
– Advantages of choosing you over other sellers
– Your special offer or discount
– Testimonials
– Information
– Emphasize your strengths 
– Mention if you are offering a free service or item. 

Although discounts can bring in customers, offering something for free can bring in additional ones. You can provide free sales tax or free delivery. 

Combined with the right layout and design, these ingredients will keep your postcard marketing engaging.  It will create the most excellent response rate and highest ROI. A list of single-family homeowners within your merchandise area is ideal. For ideal results, you’ll want to send 3 or 4 mailings every 6 months, then follow up with smaller mailings. Your postcard and phone number are going to be easily remembered once your prospect is thinking of changing the home decor.

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Direct mail works well with every type of business
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Direct Mail works has brought my company to new heights. They have taken time to figure out what would be best for my company. At Apple Wellness we are all about educating the public on the natural way and Direct Mail works has helped us in that mission! Thank you to the whole team!!!

We have been using Direct Mail Works Madison for our direct mailing advertising program for three years. Previously we had advertised in their "Advantage" magazine.
We get great results from the targeted postcard program! I love the designs that the team comes up with and the ability to mail to our customer demographic is what sets them apart.

Direct Mail Works has been easy to work with and very helpful with design on our postcard mailings. They are very willing to create a plan that fits our needs in every way and at a fair price!

Our StrategINK

We begin the process of developing your strategy with Investigation and Interrogation (it’s not as bad as it sounds). We review your website in order to understand the business and how it's portrayed to the public.

We collaborate & conquer! We blend our expertise along with our client’s knowledge of their business to identify the target consumer and build the proper message and incentives to motivate the target consumer to make a purchase.


One-on-One meeting with a StrategINK team member.

Research & Planning

In-depth analysis of your business & consumer base.

Develop & Design

Dynamic design & development of custom solutions.


Deploy the solutions, track results, and hone the strategy.