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Help Grow Your Business With Direct Mail Brochures

Help Grow Your Business With Direct Mail Brochures

Brochures, informative postcards, magazines, and even catalogs. Choose the best way to communicate with your potential customer.

We have everything you need to save time, money, reduce costs, generate discounts and lower the final product price. Choose your design, print, mailing list, and we will send it off to the Post Office.

Speedy process – From the acceptance of the art and the choice of the mailing list, the brochures are then printed and sent to the Post Office within 5 business days.

Our Direct Marketing Products

Taget Marketing

Using The Right Tools

Print Solutions

On The Move New Mover Marketing

Our On The Move New Neighbor/New Home Buyer Program is a monthly direct mail program that targets individuals or families by zip code.

Tracking Analytics

Life Stage Marketing

Our Life Stage Targeted Marketing Program is a monthly (or as needed) direct mail program that targets people based on their life stage and needs in your business trade area.

Content Writing

Neighborhood Next Radius Marketing

As you are working on or completing a project, wouldn’t it be nice to start a new one next door or in the immediate area? With the help of Neighborhood Next you can!

Web Development

The Weekly, Monthly, or Periodic Mailing Strategy

Was developed to produce direct mail as affordable and stress-free as possible for business owners who spend most of these time running their businesses.

Social Media Marketing

Own Your Trade Zone Marketing

Research and analytics drive every marketing and direct mail selection strategy we develop. Insights at the level we need for developing and produce your customer the profile

On-Page Search Optimization

Database Marketing

Keep your name in front of current and past customers. Database marketing is an ideal way to generate instant sales revenue.

Directory Services

Custom Built Specific Direct Mail

We routinely produce custom brochures, booklets, catalogs and postcard/flat mailers. The mailer can be any size up to 9 x 12.0 inches tall (or folded to 9.0 x 12.00).

We Provide Service to all Industries

Direct mail works well with every type of business
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Direct Mail works has brought my company to new heights. They have taken time to figure out what would be best for my company. At Apple Wellness we are all about educating the public on the natural way and Direct Mail works has helped us in that mission! Thank you to the whole team!!!

We have been using Direct Mail Works Madison for our direct mailing advertising program for three years. Previously we had advertised in their "Advantage" magazine.
We get great results from the targeted postcard program! I love the designs that the team comes up with and the ability to mail to our customer demographic is what sets them apart.

Direct Mail Works has been easy to work with and very helpful with design on our postcard mailings. They are very willing to create a plan that fits our needs in every way and at a fair price!

Our StrategINK

We begin the process of developing your strategy with Investigation and Interrogation (it’s not as bad as it sounds). We review your website in order to understand the business and how it's portrayed to the public.

We collaborate & conquer! We blend our expertise along with our client’s knowledge of their business to identify the target consumer and build the proper message and incentives to motivate the target consumer to make a purchase.


One-on-One meeting with a StrategINK team member.

Research & Planning

In-depth analysis of your business & consumer base.

Develop & Design

Dynamic design & development of custom solutions.


Deploy the solutions, track results, and hone the strategy.